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Product code: RIS3296

Underlay construction 8x5 m

Underlay construction from A290 / M290

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Description & Parameters

Are any of the offered reports unsuitable? Simply open the item HAS IDEAL ASSEMBLY (under RIS9998 code) in the Underlay Structures / Assemblies section to find a wide selection of maximum options for ideal design.

Underlay construction with internal dimensions of 8 x 5 m - maximum height of 5 m on the bottom edge Construction A290 / M290 QTB is suitable for interior production for hanging of smaller LED screens, lighting and sound or as a stand.

In the interior, the "MID Truss" center beam can be placed in the entire width of the structure to distribute the lights and get the whole production effect.

The required space for installation of the structure is 10 x 7 m. The used structure A290 / QTV / QTB has all the necessary certificates and static assessments.

As standard, we recommend the Nivtec 8 x 5 x 0.8 m podium, the height of the entire structure and the stage can be adjusted to your requirements.

Price at loss 8 903 €

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