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What is a production day?

The price for goods is given for one production day, ie. that you only pay for the day your event actually takes place.

How much does a multi-day rental cost?

In the case of multi-day rental, you pay the full price for rented goods only on the first production day, for each additional production day the price decreases according to the coefficient:

1 day of action = coefficient 1
2 days action = coefficient 1.6
3 days action = coefficient 2
4 days of action = coefficient of 2.4
5 days action = coefficient 2.8

The only exception is for tents where one production day equals 1 to 4 days of a tent.

What is the cost of the tent and what is it made of?

In case of a tent rental, the production day is 1 - 4 days. The price of the tent also includes both assembly and disassembly (basic halogen lighting is included in the price of Eschenbach tent).

What are your opening hours?

Mon - Fri - 8:00 am - 4:00 pm based on prior arrangement.

How much do I pay for shipping?

The resulting price of transport depends on the specific requirements (distance, size of goods.  weight, type of car and more).

For more information, see the Transport section.

What if we return the material dirty?

Regular cleaning of the material is included in the price, in the case of significant soiling you will be charged separately.

Can you build and fold the rented equipment?

Our experienced team of professionals will be happy to help you install and uninstall leased equipment.

For more information, see Installation / Uninstallation .

Can we pick up the rented material?

Certainly. All our equipment can be collected and returned by appointment.

Can we build the equipment and put it on our own?

Inventory certainly yes, but we do not recommend the technique. Technique requires more specialized knowledge of the equipment lent.

What are the options for paying the rental?

Payment can be made in cash, by invoice or by deposit.