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Product code: HP077


Audio-visual projection

Installation included Operator included

Price from

6 250 € / event (1 day) without VAT

7 563 € / incl. VAT

The price will be specified according to the scope and difficulty of the project

Description & Parameters

Videomapping downright destroys images of real space in front of unsuspecting viewers. The purpose of this audio-visual art is to make projections that, together with the object, seek to shatter the perception of the onlookers. Thanks to the projectors we can change the building or scenery, curvature and highlight any shape, curve or space. Everything incites a false impression, illusion! The play of light and shadow opens up a whole new space for your presentation.

Another equally useful feature of videomapping is the ability to project short stories, fairy tales on buildings, or perhaps introduce a whole new product to the company !? Nothing is impossible. Special screenings will certainly please not only your guests, but also overshadow the competition.

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Rental price list

1 day 6 250 €
2 day 10 001 €
3 day 12 501 €
4 day 15 001 €
5 day 17 501 €