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Product code: 40002

Steripower D1 contactless hand disinfection - Battery 12 V

Professional hand sanitizer Steripower D1


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Description & Parameters

Contactless disinfection dispenses the agent directly to the hands in the amount you set yourself. Its maintenance is simple and you can easily choose the ideal one for your company from two sizes. The patented EcoStep-D1 Steripower disinfection dispenser is ready for maximum use. You can set the dose of disinfection yourself from 0.5 to 5 ml. You can use any kind of disinfectant as a filler and possibly connect a canister with disinfectant to the dispenser.

  • maintenance-free and adjustable dosage from 0.5 ml to 5 ml
  • compatibility with common disinfectants (0.5 to 1.0 I)
  • the possibility of connecting directly to the canister with disinfection
  • installation is possible on a free-standing stand or directly on the wall
  • the large opening on the hand prevents contamination of the surroundings
  • power supply from the mains or from the battery
  • optical warning signal before battery discharge
  • no aerosol vapors are formed
  • use especially in hospitals, food and restaurant facilities and in operations with increased demands on hygiene
  • ECOSTEP-D1 can be supplemented with a remote counter of use and dosing cycles
  • ECOSTEP-D1 can be connected to sensor-controlled automatic door opening systems

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