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Product code: IN948

Rent - UVC disinfection of premises - up to 240m2

UVC disinfection industrial lamp UVM216, 6x36W

Rental price

155 € / 12 hours without VAT

187 € / incl. VAT

This is the price for work in one event (max 12 hours)

Description & Parameters

The germicidal lamp UVM216 is a great tool for effective disinfection of large spaces such as theaters, concert halls, gyms, meeting rooms and the like. It is on wheels, so it is very easy to operate and you can easily disinfect several rooms.


  • Delayed start: Sufficient time to switch on the light and leave the area safely. 2 minute delayed start with sound warning.
  • Motion sensor: If motion is detected (within a distance of 5 m), the light will automatically turn off and an audible alarm will sound.
  • Child safety lock
  • Protection against tilting: If the light is tilted by more than 45, it will automatically switch off. This prevents damage to the surroundings in the event of a fall.
  • Ozone Free: Safe to use, environmentally friendly.
  • Remote control: Works even through the wall.
  • High quality lamp
  • PHILIPS fluorescent lamp made of quartz glass with a long service life
  • Wheels for easy handling

Disinfection time

  • 30 minutes/60m2
  • 60 minutes/120m2
  • 120 minutes/240m2

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