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Product code: PQ998

Mica Pagoda Eschenbach 5x5 m

Transparent pagoda Eschenbach 5x5 ms with a walkable height of 2.26 m

Installation included

Rental price

538 € without VAT

651 € / incl. VAT

This is the rental price for 1 to 4 days.
For a longer period of time, is individual

Description & Parameters

Stylish Eschenbach Pagoda tent with a module size of 5x5 m (25 m2) in mica transparent design
First-class German quality from Eschenbach.
The tent is suitable for weddings, private celebrations, corporate events or conferences.
The tent can be anchored to the ground or with concrete weights.

  • The rental period is for 1-4 days
  • Basic halogen lighting is included in the tent rental price
  • Approximate length of construction, depending on the terrain, is 1-2 hours

The price is calculated including assembly and disassembly.

Price at loss 2 400 €
Dimension 5x5 cm
Covered area 25 m²
Gutter height 2,26 m
The height of the roof ridge 5,16 m
The longest transport part of the construction 5 m
Transport weight 133 kg

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Rental price list

1 day 538 €
2 day 861 €
3 day 1 076 €
4 day 1 291 €
5 day 1 506 €