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Product code: RIS9997

Ground Support - 2 feet - MY IDEAL ASSEMBLY

Construction for hanging LED screens, lighting and sound - the price for the whole set is calculated individually

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Here you can choose and fold your own ideal supporting structure, there are more options to choose from. Your ground support can have 2 legs, 3 or more legs. This ground support will then be directly consulted with the main design engineer and approved or modified for maximum safety of the entire building as detailed information.

Ground support with customized span - maximum height of 7 m on bottom edge The QTL design is suitable for hanging LED screens, lighting and sound. QTV support columns and QTL trusses for expansion, weight distribution, or just hanging advertising areas can be added to the ground support. Anchoring the entire system when used outdoors is individual and depends on the consultation and inspection of the installation site.

  • The space required for the installation of the structure is individual according to the selected size, a minimum of + 2 m of space support is required by default.
  • The QTL / QTV design has all the necessary certificates and static assessments.

The height of the entire assembly can be variably adjusted to the requirements and installation options.

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