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Product code: GM321

Bedouin tent - 10x52.5 m

The Bedouin tent is a stretch tent made of waterproof and fireproof fabric

Installation included

Rental price

5 111 € without VAT

6 184 € / incl. VAT

This is the rental price for 1 to 4 days.
For a longer period of time, is individual

Description & Parameters

Bedouin tent with a module size of 52.5x10 m (525 m2).

With a stylish Bedouin tent, you can create an attractive environment for unique moments, weddings, parties or corporate events.
Use the almost unlimited variability of the stretch South African Freeform Tents tents in the space where you want to have your unforgettable event.
The tent can be anchored to the ground, with cubic tanks or concrete weights.

  • The rental period is for 1-4 days
  • Approximate length of construction, depending on the terrain, is 9-10 hours
  • Approximate length of construction of a tent with a floor, depending on the terrain, is 12 hours

The price is calculated including assembly and disassembly.

Price at loss 44 800 €
Covered area až 525 m²
The highest point of the tent 3,65 m
The longest part of the construction 3,65 m
Number of persons up to 500 people

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Rental price list

1 day 5 111 €
2 day 8 177 €
3 day 10 221 €
4 day 12 266 €
5 day 14 310 €